We figure the first question most of you will have is: 

Do I have hard water? 

There are a few ways to test this. Below is my personal favourite.


It's mostly an easy solution, frankly. Add a water softener such as Borax or Calgon to your wash cycles. (About 1/2 cup or 125mL)

Additionally, some powdered detergents have water softeners that help give a better clean in hard water. If your detergent isn't proving strong enough, upgrading detergents would also help immensely.

While in some laundry issues we suggest an extra rinse, here we wouldn't because you're just undoing all your good work (essentially, you're adding back all those mineral deposits you just cleared out with your new or increased detergent).

For detailed information about hard water, cloth diapers, and you, we suggest you head over to Fluff Love University.