First of all, thank you for choosing to use cloth diapers and for considering Lil Helper!

In everything we do, we aim for transparency, so that you, the customer, can rest at ease knowing exactly what kind of business you are supporting.

So in regards to your question about the differences in the trial diaper deals on the CA and U.S. sites, I want to take a moment to explain.

We created our trial deal so that customers have a chance to try (and hopefully fall in love with) our diapers. They are extremely discounted and include free shipping! But when it comes to shipping, the only affordable way we can send out trial diapers through CA Post is as an oversized letter, which we can only put one diaper in.

Mohammed has made this video to clear things up regarding the differences between our CA and U.S. trial diaper offers.

We hope that this answers any questions you may have!

Please email us at if you have any other questions or concerns!