Most diaper creams leave residue on cloth diapers which make them repel moisture that leads to leaking diapers. This would happen with any cloth diaper you use, not only with Lil Helper Diapers.

You might not have to do a strip as it might not be necessary. If the repelling issue is because of diaper creams, then we might be able to clean it up with some good ole' elbow grease.

I have taken these instructions from (an excellent source for cloth diaper care)

1) Simply wash on hot with a good detergent. 

2) Spot treat any left behind ointment with Blue Dawn dish soap. Using a toothbrush, scrub a small dab of Dawn into the affected area, and rinse thoroughly before washing again in your machine. 

3) BLUE DAWN SHOULD NEVER, EVER BE ADDED TO YOUR WASHING MACHINE. Please be sure the fabric is fully rinsed clean of the soap before adding to another diaper laundry. Dawn is useful for the sole purpose of petroleum-based diaper cream removal, as it is a major degreaser, but it should never be used at any other time in the care of cloth diapers.

4) Rinse well before washing as dish soap should never go into a washing machine.

5) Wash again with hot water and Tide.

I am hoping this will clear up the leftover diaper cream residue so the inserts can start absorbing again.