Both our charcoal and bamboo inserts do not need any prep and work right out of the box.

The main difference between charcoal and bamboo is the stay dry effect. Charcoal is extremely stay dry, whereas with bamboo you can feel the wetness.

Also, charcoal dries faster and doesn't show any stains.

You still should use bamboo inserts at least once a day to monitor your baby's urine color as that is a good indicator for any UTI or other infections.

Have a look at this video which explains the basic difference between charcoal and bamboo inserts: 

The nappy liners are different. The soft bamboo absorbs liquid readily and is soft against the baby’s delicate skin. You increase the overall absorbency of your cloth diaper when you use our bamboo liners as the moisture is spread-out over a larger area making it easier for the fabric to absorb.