If the absorption is good, then the next thing to look at is adding a boost.

Two or three hours can be a very long time for some babies for a change. We suggest a more frequent change in general, particularly for littles who just go and go and go. Is that possible for your lifestyle though? We do understand some aren't able to do a frequent change although our suggestion is generally: change when the baby "goes" and not when the diaper leaks. If that's not doable, we suggest a bit of a booster.

During the day, you could switch to the Overnight Insert (that holds nearly double of the usual inserts) OR try adding a second smaller insert atop the regular insert set. Also using the large bamboo on the bottom with two charcoal smaller inserts on top is an excellent absorption set up!

For overnight, perhaps throw a smaller charcoal atop the Overnight Insert set. It won't snap in, but it shouldn't be a wriggly issue. Give that a try.

Remember that pee routines will change and soon your baby will get through the night without peeing and that will give you some comfort. That's usually around 18 months.

Don't give up on cloth!  While it's true it's not as super absorbent as disposables, the benefits of cloth far extend beyond that "pro". 

The following will help to troubleshoot and leak problems bit.ly/Leaky-app

Also, you can check the fit of the diaper: