Washing Diapers and Inserts

Nothing like the smell of a fresh, clean pile of diapers.

Test out different methods of washing to find what works best at your house. Each machine, detergent, water, and baby is different so what works best for one customer might not work for you. That sounds like evasion, but there are a lot of variables! 

However, some things are universal:

1. Remove the Poop!

Yup. Everyone needs to do this step. Please make sure any solid "stuff" is already out of the diapers before you throw them in the washer. Newborn or breastfed poop can go right into the washer.

2. Pre-Wash

Pre-wash the diapers in cold water. This allows all the mess to rinse down the drain so the diapers are washed in clean water.

3. Warm Wash

Wash diapers in warm water with the recommended detergent (as confirmed by Fluff Love University. See the link below to double check your brand and the recommended amount). 


Just type your detergent brand into the search bar and see what Guru's have to say about it.

Set your machine to the longest warm wash cycle possible and use the FULL recommended amount of detergent as posted on Fluff Love (above link).

4. Cold Rinse

Rinse the diapers with cold water. You could use warm, but why bother?


• Water temperatures exceeding 100°F or 60°C

• A detergent containing additives (brighteners, whiteners, dyes, perfumes, essential oils) or natural soap

• Fabric softeners

• Any caustic substance

• Diaper rash creams that are petroleum and zinc based