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Lil Swimmers

Our little guy just started going to the pool with us. So far we've been disappointed with the cloth swim diapers on the market. Any chance you wonderful rocket scientists can build a swim diaper?

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i second this request!

Helllllooooo! And yes, we want to see some swim diapers too! Thanks for your votes of confidence. They are definitely "on the list" but I can't say, just yet, when we can get these designed and ready for testing.


But they're VERY high on the list.


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We are interested in swim diapers as well!! Hope you have something one day!!

Hi Sophia & Tamara!

I'm hoping the notes here help push the idea to the top!


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Sophia, Tamara, Leah & Calley

We will be introducing swim diapers in early 2016, but will have samples before that and will definitely keep you guys in mind for being our testers.

Thanks for the ideas- please keep them coming!


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That's excellent news! We would be happy to test them if you need, well our son will do the testing and we'll do the speaking :)



Yes! I would love to see what you guys will come up with for a swim diaper. The options are limited here and I have yet to find one that fits well.

Hi Davina! We're a wee bit behind on our plans for testing a swim diaper but it's still on our 2016 horizon! We'll definitely post news on our FB page about this when the time approaches.


I also have a little one that would be more than happy to test swim diapers. A toddler too if you need. :)


We'll keep you on the list!

I second this! Swim diapers would be a wonderful addition to your product line!

I'll test the diapers too! (Not me, my baby! )
I was just about to ask this!!!
I see this was supposed to be coming in 2016, anything for 2017 - we had to get swim ones from another provider but would've preferred lil helpers!!
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